Charleston Fly Fishing

Excellent fly and sight fishing opportunities are available year round near Charleston and Isle of Palms. Sight fishing for Redfish around the inshore flats and creeks is always very exciting. Hop on board and “Catch Some Memories” with Capt Ben Floyd. Capt Ben caught his first Redfish at age 15. “I’ve learned a few tricks in the last 20 years since that first one on the fly.” Fly fishing in the Charleston and Isle of Palms area is truly world class. We have two different boats that are very specialized for fishing our area either inshore in the creeks and flats or just off the beaches on our artificial reefs and shipwrecks. Give Capt Ben a call or Email and we will put you on ’em.

High Tide Fly Fishing

The summer season presents the Fly angler with some truly unique fishing opportunities here on the coast of SC. The full and new moons bring drastically higher tides and with these tides come hungry Redfish. Higher tides enable the redfish to swim further into the marshes where they are looking for Blue Crabs, Fiddler Crabs, Shrimp, and fish to snack on. We target them in these shallow flooded spartina marshes with the Fly Rod because they are easy to spot, often sticking their tails out of the water while rooting around for food. This is a great trip for the novice fly angler due to the typically high number of fish that we see on these high tide fly fishing charters. 10 or 15 shots at fish on a typical 4 hr trip is pretty common and will get a new flyfishing angler broken in pretty quick.

High tide Prices
3 hr: 300 (2 person max)

Low Tide Fly Fishing

We also target the Redfish at low tide when the fish are feeding in a similar fashion but in a very different environment. At low tide we target redfish in the Charleston and Isle of Palms area on mud flats and around exposed oyster bars. Again the water is typically very shallow and we are looking for fish rooting around for crabs and shrimp. Whether casting to fish at low tide on shallow mud flats or in the flooded marsh at the top of “big moon tides”, you better hold on when you hook one.

Low tide Prices
4 hr: 400 (2 person max)

Offshore Fly Fishing

Flyfishing opportunities exist offshore as well. Spadefish, Cobia, Mahi and Amberjack will all take the fly with the right presentation. Our 27′ Conch is the vessel we use on our offshore fly fishing trips. She can get us there quick and safe and keep us dry and comfortable. We target these fish around our numerous artificial reefs and old shipwrecks. May through October is definitely the best time and there is almost always something to catch on the fly out there. Just call or email and we can plan your trip accordingly.

Offshore Prices
6 hr: 600 (4 person max)
8 hr: 800 (4 person max)

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