Cobia Fishing Charters

Cobia fishing charters out of Isle of Palms or the Charleston area are always super fun. There are numerous shipwrecks and artificial reefs just offshore of the Charleston area that these Cobia love to hang around. There are two main approaches to catching these beautiful, brown flatheaded fishes. The run and gun and the anchor and chum. The run and gun method can be productive and is a lot of fun when the ocean is calm. The Cobia love to hang around things that float. Debris, buoys, and boats are fascinating to cobia and that is where we hunt them.

Our charterboat, the Windsor Anne is rigged out for catching Cobia out of Charleston. She has two large livewells to hold tons of bait. There are over 30 rodholders on board and we typically keep most of them full. We try to be ready for any situation that might arise. Cobia will occassionally approach the boat and give the angler a 15 to 30 second window to make a good cast with the right bait. The wrong bait, the bait that they aren’t in the mood for, gets rejected so we keep several rods with different lures aboard and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This can make the difference between a caught fish and one that swam up to the boat and then swam away without a hook in his mouth.

Cobia fishing is typically best from the end of April through July. Give us a shout if you have any questions about the fishing and what is biting. Remember we will work hard to make your trip an enjoyable one with lots of fish and great memories.

Rates: 6 hr Cobia Reef trip for 4 people $800

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