Charleston Fishing Charters

Here at Charleston Fish Finder we offer boating and fishing charters throughout Charleston SC and Isle of Palms. Our business has been in operation for 10 years now and we plan to be around for many years to come. Safety is the number one goal on all of our charters. Big fish, sore arms, and happy customers are very important but none of this matters if we don’t all return to the dock safely. Our boats are equipped with all required Coast Guard safety equipment including heavy duty lifejackets, first aid kit and VHF radio communication. Powerboats are inherently dangerous so we try to take every precaution to keep everyone on board safe and sound. Learn more about our Charleston fishing charters below.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment can make the difference when it comes down to the wire when trying to land the fish of a lifetime. We make it a point to keep our fishing equipment in perfect condition so that when it comes time to wrestle with the biggest fish you have ever seen you can focus on the fight. We fish St Croix rods and Penn reels.

Charleston Charter Boats

Our Boats are very well suited for charter fishing in Charleston, SC. The Windsor Anne is a really special vessel. She is a 24′ Kenner with a sightfishing tower that is in our opinion, the perfect boat. We can run out to the reef in the morning and buzz back inshore to fish the flats in the same day in the same boat. She can carry six passengers plus the captain with lots of room to spare. She has over 30 rod holders, four stroke yamaha power and the latest in GPS electronics to keep us running smooth and ready for any fish that swims within casting distance.  The Sweet Pea is a 17′ Ranger Banshee flats skiff. She is a very simple skiff that is perfect for fishing the shallow bays and creeks surrounding the Charleston area. She is very wide and very stable with a draft of 5 inches. The redfish can run but they cannot hide from this boat! She can handle two anglers and the captain.

Come along and Catch Some Memories with Charleston Fishfinder. Contact us today about our Charleston fishing charters!

Our Boats

27′ Conch
24′ Kenner
17′ Ranger Banshee

Our Charleston Fishing Charters

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