About Captain Ben Floyd

I grew up in the little fishing town of McClellanville, SC about 30 miles up the coast from Charleston. With a population of about 350, everyone knew everyone and things were good. I come from a family that is very interconnected with fishing and boating and basically had no choice but to choose an occupation that would keep me on the water. My love for fishing started at an early age but things began to speed up once I realized that there was a difference between a cane pole and a fly rod.

I have been fishing the waters between McClellanville and Isle of Palms religiously since I was about eight years old. Much of what I know about these waters was taught to me by my family. My father, stepfather, three uncles, grandfather and grandmother, and many close family friends have chosen to make a living from the lowcountry waters at some point in their lives. I would like to think that a little bit of each of their lessons and adventures will be passed on and shared in every one of my charters.

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