The dog days of winter are almost over. Fishing has been good but it will only get better with warming water temps with spring coming up. Had 3 charters last week. Fished the skiff in the creeks with plenty of success.


Redfish are schooled up tight. Averaged 20 redfish per day with a few small black drum mixed in. Had 3 guys on the Windsor Anne today. Was a really fun trip. Guys on the boat were a blast and the fishing was good.


Ended up with a few undersized redfish a Black Sea bass 2 Oyster Toadfish 3 sheepshead and 20 or so black drum. Kept 3 black drum and 1 sheepshead for dinner. Reed fishing for sheepshead and big Black Sea bass is always hot in March and April so book soon. The weekends will be booked up soon.