The fishing and the weather on Isle of Palms have been awesome so far this winter! This time last year everybody I talked to was complaining about the cold. Myself included! I thought I could escape the cold winter down in the Florida keys but after 7 windy days of highs in the 50’s and lows in the 40’s I quickly retreated home to ride out the winter. This year has been a different story. So far the winter of 2011/12 has been perfect. The cold weather hasn’t really gotten here yet and with lots of days in December, January, and February in the upper 60’s and 70’s the fish are warm and really hungry.


Redfish, Seatrout, and Sheepshead are our main targets this time of year. Although the Seatrout took a big hit last winter there are still a few around especially when the conditions are right (and they have been!). Redfish are everywhere in the creeks and estuaries just minutes from Isle of Palms and the bite has been hot! Sheepshead fishing has also been really fun lately. We target them inshore around docks and sunken debris as well as on the nearshore reefs. I fished for them 2 or 3 times a week in December and January and landed several from 2 to 9 pounds on every trip!


Warm temperatures have made the fishing on our nearshore reef really fun. Calm seas, light winds and warm temperatures are the fishing conditions that I dream about so actually catching fish is just a bonus. Sheepshead are our primary target out there this time of year. Light tackle rods and reels are the choice for most captains and a typical rig consists of 15 lb test line with a carolina rig with fiddler crabs for bait. Sheepshead in the 2 to 6 lb range are common with the occasional 8 or 9 pounder mixed in.


The light winds and the warm weather have got the inshore fish biting like crazy as well. Redfish are super abundant this time of year and eager to bite a hook on the flats and around docks. They are cooperating nicely whether we are fishing with bait, artificial lures or flyfishing. Typical catches range from 10 to over 50 fish on a 4 hour charter with fish in the 3 to 12 pound range.

Please remember, we can accomodate anglers with all skill levels and can customize your charter to make your day on the water with us one you will smile about.