We started the day off pretty hot. Went out to catch the bottom of the low tide with Charlie and John. Fishing in Charleston in November is about as good as it gets. We had good weather today and an early morning low tide. We started fishing in a couple of small creeks and had some luck.Caught two small reds on the first two casts but had to move on. They must have been the only two in that spot. We moved to another spot and got on them. Had an immediate double hookup. Charlie caught his first redfish. Mostly little guys and then we moved up a little further into the flat and found the fish. John caught a 26 incher right off the bat with a mud minnow and the time got right to throw some artificials at the fish. Had a Z man jerkbait on a Triggerhook that seemed like it might fit the bill. Caught a 5 lb red on the first cast and again on the next and the next. On the third fish, as i was lifting it out of the water, I got the hook stuck in my finger. WOW! The hook went in my ring finger with the fish still on it. MAN DID HE SET THAT HOOK WELL. He set it hard enough to almost straighten it out. Craziest thing was that it didn’t hurt at all. Once we got everything put up and were on the way to the emergency room, it hurt a little when the plastic bait, still attached, was shaking around in the wind.